"RAM"- building monitoring, is known for its extensive and diverse experience in quality
inspection, specialized expertise, assessment, evaluation, structural design, supervision and
arbitration. Our staff consists of fully skilled, licensed and experienced engineers. We also
provide an expert testimony in court, as well as other legal support.
We check, monitor and evaluate:
  • New and second-hand property
  • Damaged property
  • Renovated property
  • Houses under construction
  • Rented property
We supply detailed designing of :
  • New buildings/houses
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Structural supplements and expansions
We supply engineering consultation at NO EXTRA COST !
We do our best to assist our clients by providing
all necessary information require
Service hours:
9 AM to 8 PM
9 AM to 2 PM
- Our staff is fully obliging and has a courteous attitude -
- Service provided throughout the country -